Upward & Outward

25 Sep Upward & Outward

As we prepare for what the Lord wants to do next, we’ve been growing in our understanding of both intercession (upward) and evangelism (outward). Here we will highlight two ways that this has been happening.

YWAM Global Prayer Initiative

The last time I remember YWAM having an orchestrated big world wide prayer initiative was the 1992 “Cardinal Points Prayer Day.” This involved YWAMers from all over the world going to the furthest northern, southern, easterly, and western points of as many continents and countries as possible. I participated in this momentous occasion by going to Nemuro, the furthest easterly point of Hokkaido and Japan.

Back in 1992, I flew up to Kushiro and met up with Joe Celona, a YWAM prayer warrior. We stayed at a Brethren church with an English missionary who along with one of his church members accompanied us to Nemuro to pray for the nation of Japan. Little did I know this would be one of many visits to this island and several to Nemuro, always with a view to pray.

This year coincidentally, I had already planned to visit our team in Niseko, Hokkaido when I was asked to be the point person for YWAM Japan to help prepare for the “Global Prayer Initiative” (GPI). For GPI, my wife Rhonda was able to accompany me to Niseko for the first prayer meeting with elders and leaders in North East Asia. The next day we took the ferry back to Honshu and joined the Sendai team as they participated by praying as a team in the second day of GPI. I was amazed how quickly things had come together to make this meeting possible. I trust that all of you are blessed by participating in a good month of prayer as all YWAMers prayed together globally. This has been a great use of our current time of isolation and for us as a body to do what we are trained to do, that is, listening to God and praying out what we hear him say, praying for our mission, praying for the world, and seeing God do the impossible in response to our prayers.

John Somers-Harris (Elder)

AML Evangelism Training Videos

Jesus spoke of the shepherd who left 99 sheep behind to search for one lost sheep. In Japan only about one out of every 100 people claim to follow Jesus, which means there are 99 lost sheep out of 100 here! The ministry A Million Lights exists to help equip the roughly one million believers in Japan with tools for evangelism, a memorable way to share a clear gospel message, and teaching on how to grow in courage for this awesome task. 

We had been conducting seminars in places like Tokyo, Oita, and Sendai, but when the recent pandemic hit we decided to put the teachings online as a free series of 9 videos that churches, ministries, and individuals can access to use in homes, in classes, and in small groups. This project represents hundreds of hours of work involving multiple people who are committed to seeing Japanese believers reach Japan and also the nations with the most amazing message the world has ever heard.  We ask for your prayers for the editing process and that God will bless this series and use it greatly when it is ready to be released.

Mark Annand (AML Coordinator)

We would also like to remind you to check out our last months blog as we shared our plans for future ministry! Please go take a look and consider partnering with us as we continue to reach out to the Japanese. We can’t do this without your support and prayers! God bless you and keep you.

For Jesus & Japan,

YWAM Tokyo

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