01 Dec Their True Inheritance

I have been reading God on Campus by Trent Shepherd. I walk away from every session of reading realizing more and more that God has radical plans for the university and college campuses of the nations in this generation. Most excitingly for me is that I am certain this is true of Japan. In his book Trent shares about an experience a friend of his named Pete Greig who founded the 24/7 prayer ministry that has spread all over the world. In this experience the end result was God was telling him to “Call Campus America to Pray” and I love how Trent put it in his book. “Perhaps an Englishman heard “Call Campus America to Pray” because God wants to assure us that what is coming to U.S. Campuses is not limited to the United States. God’s dream is much bigger than the American Dream.” The campuses of America and the Nations are being called to awaken to their world changing destinies in God.The University students of the nations are awaking today to the eternal realities that are calling them to something bigger then a large 401k retirement plan. That they have an inheritance and a calling that affects more than the next 40 years of their life and their bank account. As Trent puts it in his book “This means that the students of a nations universities have as much responsibility as the government of the nation in determining the direction of the whole nation.” The seeds for the end of abortion are being planted in the universities of today. Encounters with the Living God in the universities of today are shaping the breakthroughs in every area of the society of tomorrow. But just as exciting is that God is planting the seeds of tomorrow in the wonderful reality of intimacy with Him here and now. The other reality is that the universities aren’t just planting seeds of future Revival and Reformation as Trent also says in his book “One of the greatest myths and most disempowering concepts of the collegiate years is the faulty idea that real life starts later. As if the daily decisions that deeply influence our friends, significantly shape our campuses and regularly recenter our lives have no actual bearing in the real world. Had the Holy Club (the college group that had George Whitfield, John Wesley and Charles Wesley among others)

Stripped image of John Wesley

bought into the bogus belief, the world they would eventually transform might still be waiting for some humble and courageous souls to take the risk of actually doing something in the present, rather than forever waiting for the idyllic environment of the future (where apparently the real world -that mythical place where all your decisions really do matter – is eagerly lying in wait. One of the greatest and most exciting things about what is happening in the universities of the nations is it is NOW! God is releasing his spirit on them now! He is changing the world with them now! Not is some distant place called potential which may be the heaviest word in the English language because it is heavily weighted with expectation without much room for grace and failure. How many of us constantly feel the weight of wasted potential. The potential for the Kingdom of God future is born in the obedience of Kingdom of God now. As we pursue Rikkyo University and calling the students into their inheritance, identity and destiny I am struck by the hope of the future that is being planted in them as well as the urgency of now that is being released through them. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is hear and is coming and that is true in Rikkyo! Pray for us as we partner with Him to see them encounter and walk with Him now and plant the seeds of future Revival and Reformation. All for His glory! Photo: John Wesley Member of the “Holy Club” while in University (Credit: Wikipedia) (Greg has composed numerous blogs about Rikkyo University, a man sure-fire for the universities. I believe he is agreeing with heaven- God is wanting the campuses for His own!)

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