The Power of Testimony

30 Jul The Power of Testimony

If you know Jesus, you have a testimony, because you can’t encounter Him and not be changed. So, what were things like before your encounter? What was your encounter like? And what have things been like since then? String together your answers to each of these three questions. This is your testimony! One of our staff has shared their testimony in this way for our July blog post.

Having grown up in a dysfunctional family, I didn’t know the meaning of love.

I worked in a red-light district from ages 15 to 18 because I didn’t know how to value myself. I drank every night like it was a party. I was desperate to entertain the club patrons because satisfied customers meant a higher commission.

All along, what I was looking for was true love. Was there anyone, anywhere, who would love me with a perfect love? My life and my heart felt empty. I was searching for the reason I was born and wondering where I would go after I died.

I was 18 years old when I met Jesus. I already believed in the existence of God, but I had not heard, till then, that the Son of God had died on a cross and risen again for my sins. I was told that if I believed in and received this love from God, my sins would be washed away. I would be given the privileges of a child of God. I would receive everlasting life.

Encountering Jesus in the Bible for the first time, I thought, “This Jesus just might be the One. He might have the perfect love I’ve been looking for.” But a part of me still felt this good news was too good to be true. How could I receive so many amazing gifts from God, just by believing? So, at first, I decided to try “sampling” God: perhaps He would prove Himself.

And that is precisely what He did! He kept proving that He was still alive and active. In fact, He is still continuing to prove Himself to me. I had been searching for such a long time, but I have finally found the treasure. My life is not what is used to be; God has changed my heart.

So, I have a challenge for my readers: ask Jesus, “If You’re real, show me.” Sample Him. Taste and see what He’s like!

Miki Takayama (Translation Team)

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