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26 Feb The Two Trees

I wasn’t born in the church, but I’ve been here for a while. And when I jumped in, I was all in.    I wanted to love and serve God as much as my comprehension would allow. As I grew and developed I had more understanding...

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27 Nov A Winter Hope

Christmas has always been a special time of the year for me. I have always loved the feeling of joy in the air, the decorations, and of course the songs. Ever since I can remember, I have liked Christmas carols, but especially the ones about...

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12 Mar What is DTS?

Are you interested in applying for DTS and wondering exactly what that means? Have you already applied and would like to know what you are about to get yourself into? If you have told friends or family about your interest in this program, it is...

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At YWAM Tokyo we share life together as a part of a Christian community. This is really good; We attempt to live out Christ's new commandment of loving one another and demonstrating unity within his body. We are a massive mishmash of personalities, nations and...

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