05 Mar SPRING!

It is March! I enjoy march so march! HAHAHA
In Japan Spring is very eventful!
Graduations for all of those who attend Japanese school and new start of school/work in April.
March 3rd: We have “hinamatsuri” (doll festival in English I think). It is a celebration for girls and prayer that they will grow healthy.
March14th: We have White Day! It is month after valentines because in Japan girls give out chocolates to boys on Valentine’s Day, and guys give chocolates to girls on March 14th.
It is also the season to see cherry blossoms; right now we see ume flowers (plum?)! It is going to be beautiful! 
May Jesus bring Hope and peace to the nation of Japan that in this beautiful season they will be able to see their creator 😉
Here at YWAM Tokyo we are entering into the next season as well! To start it off we had 24hr Burn where we prayed and meditated on our God as a friend. We prayed and worshipped; it was a great time to focus and meditate on Him for a long, long time.
We are getting ready for DTS that is starting up next month! Please pray for wisdom, guidance, strength, joy, grace and love for all the staff who are going to be involved!
We are also having the annual YWAM Japan conference. Pray that it will be filled with encouragements, refreshments, time of celebration in what the Lord is doing in each of us and more of Him to be spread in this nation!
Some of you who read this are called to Japan 😉
Don’t let anything stop you. God is going to be with you.
He will provide and He will come through.
This nation is ready! This place is in need of Jesus.
All you’ve got to do is love Him here and share that love with the people around you!
OH I am SO excited for what He is about to do in this nation!!!!!
Harvest is ready!
May this season be filled with joy and dancing!
Thank you for ALL of your prayers for Japan!!
Can’t do it without your prayers!
(Authored by Lindsey H.)

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