13 Oct Seasonal Snackings

Here we are in Japan, well I’m actually from Japan. haha

It is now October and October is when all sorts of awesome foods come in!
Here are some of my favorite FALL foods in Japan!

さつまいも (Sweet potato)

かぼちゃ (Squash)

くり (chestnut)

I love fall foods because they all become desserts!

Sweet Potato desserts!

I know! Sweet potato Kit Kat 🙂

Now Squash turns into beautiful sweets like these!

I know! Squash Kit Kat 🙂

Last but not least, chestnut! Chestnut desserts are by far my favorite desserts in the world! It is called Mont-blanc; it will be in the first picture!
You can eat it by itself and it tastes glorious, too! x)

HAHA I KNOW! Chestnut Kit Kat 🙂

I actually have not tried any of those Kit Kat flavors, but we have what’s called “期間限定,” which literally translated means “Period limited” so for period of time they make all sorts of snacks fitted for our seasons. Because it is fall there are many sweets that have the taste of fall. Japanese people including myself are very tempted with words like “seasonal special”, “only for a period of time”, and “fall exclusive”.

So whenever come to Japan, please try our unique snack collection where you can taste the seasons of Japan!

I recommend coming to Japan during October and November; to me, they have the prettiest weather and season in Japan. Speaking of which, spring is actually really pretty too with cherry blossoms! Actually, come whenever you want to! I welcome you! x)
So that was my blog, thank you!


(Lindsey is a bilingual English and Japanese speaker, from her upbringing in Japan and in the US. She walks in joy with the Lord and loves to share it. Also, desserts!)
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