Preparing for What’s Next

28 Aug Preparing for What’s Next

COVID-19 has thrown us all a curveball, yet even a global pandemic cannot stop the ebb and flow of the Kingdom. Loren Cunningham’s original vision was of waves of young people from everywhere going everywhere. As YWAM Tokyo, we have seen the waves go out as we launched several new bases earlier this year (as you can read about in our April blog), and we know in time, the waves will go back out again. So I have been pondering the question, “Where is the next place we will launch out to? What is the next thing you are calling us to, Lord?” Yet the reality is we need some help to get there.

I imagine many in the Body of Christ are facing financial issues, wondering, “How do we survive COVID-19?” Without tithes and offerings, without teams and guests, without school and volunteers, it is harder to dream about the future. Yet Isaiah said of the Messiah, “Of the increase of his government there shall be no end.” COVID-19 might have complicated things as we’re asked not to go out, but I am confident that Jesus still longs to see His Kingdom established on the Earth. His message from the beginning was that this Kingdom was at hand, and this Kingdom is still at hand now. A tension of now and not yet, present yet waiting.

So we as a team are asking the questions: “How do we prepare? How do we poise ourselves to be ready to go when not just lockdowns are lifted but this disease is defeated?” Internally, we felt to again focus on our vision and mission of “building the altar of worship”, to pursue the Lord intimately both individually and corporately in worship, prayer, and intercession, knowing that these unseen activities can do more than we can know. But we are also thinking about what we can do outwardly to both prepare and respond, including obtaining a new vehicle, preparing our base for hosting, and better equipping our media team.

Vehicle – Going where we have yet to go

While having a car in Tokyo isn’t necessary, having a vehicle as a base is incredibly helpful. From early morning airport runs to quick runs to the grocery store, a vehicle can provide some life blood to the community. And having a vehicle will also enable us to make forays deeper into Japan to explore where the next base will be. Our current vehicle is reaching the end of its useful life, so we are working to procure a new one. We have some offers and opportunities, yet we still need roughly ¥300,000 ($2,830 USD) in order to make this happen.

Furniture – Preparing a place

Like many others, we have also taken this time to work on things “around the house”. We have also seen interest from people wanting to come into our base, yet we have been unable to due to social distancing. So we are wanting to get ready to host people. We have also had several housing changes happen this summer and so we are taking this chance to clean out some “rubbish”. This means removing things that are preventing God from building what He wants to, just like in the Book of Nehemiah with the walls of Jerusalem. So we want to prepare a place to host both the presence of men and the Lord, to make our home a place of beauty and reflective of the glory of God to captivate the hearts of those who come. We could use ¥400,000 ($3,770 USD) for the changes we need to make.

Equipment – Ministering in a Digital Age

While we are living in the digital age, I’m sure we have all had to adjust to how digital we could get, including us with our Living Room service that we talked about in last months blog. It has definitely been an adjustment. Yet it has also been a blessing, enabling us to reach those who could not normally attend on Tuesday evenings, including some outside of Japan! We want to continue and to grow our ability to minister digitally in this season of social distancing with some new equipment costing ¥300,000 ($2,830 USD).

How to respond

So as we are trying to respond to what we believe the Lord is speaking to us in this season and the season to come, would you pray and consider partnering with us financially? We would be grateful for your help, and we are excited for what is to come. If you want to give, you can visit our website at to see ways to give.

JP Corhern (Base Director)


YWAM Tokyo

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