Prayers: A Never Ending Legacy

27 Aug Prayers: A Never Ending Legacy

When I came to YWAM Takatsuki and learnt about the history of this city, the first thought that went through my head was “there are prayers that are still waiting to be answered”. 

In the late 1500s, Takatsuki was ruled by a Christian feudal lord and because of him 70%+ of the population in his jurisdiction were considered Christian. A few short years later, the persecution of Christians started and many were marched through Takatsuki en-route to Nagasaki, to be expelled. As a result of the Christian history in this nation, I can imagine there must have been many prayers prayed for their families, friends and neighborhoods to encounter Jesus as their Savior. How many of their prayers were answered? How many are still waiting to be answered?

Fast forward to the 1980s, YWAM was given favor to buy a building in this city, Takatsuki. Many YWAM missionaries came and many hours of worship and intercession were brought before God, alongside the local Christians. Once again, this land was saturated with prayers that are united with the prayers prayed over 100s of years. God, bring revival to this land! I believe the open doors we have in our neighborhood today are directly related to the history of prayers that have risen from this place as a sweet aroma before God. Our friends are curious about this house and curious about what we believe. Who is this God that we pray to? What sets our God apart from other gods that they have been told about through the generations. We see their hearts soften towards Jesus with a longing to trust Him fully.

A few months ago God asked us to set aside time to rebuild the altar of worship and prayer. During a time of prayer He placed Osaka in the hearts of prayer warriors in Hawaii and showed them this city and this building and led them to come here for 40 days and nights to bring a sweet fragrance before the King of kings. A time set apart to pray for revival in this nation. I don’t think any of this is a coincidence; the history of this place throughout the last 400+ years and what is happening in the present day. The prayers of those saints were heard by God in a time when many thought God was being silent. Their prayers went far higher than just to the open skies, God heard and He answered. I believe that we are reaping the fruit of their prayers, that sweet aroma of incense before God. I believe our prayers are being heard and He sees the desperate cries of our hearts and we may not see the answers in our lifetime but our prayers do not go in vain. They may be answered in the years to come and we may only see the fruit when we are face to face with God. As Christians we have a role to pray without ceasing in every season and to send an offering to our God regardless of whether we will see the answers.

I’m so thankful for the faithfulness of the Christians in this land over the years and I’m greatly honored that I get to see some of the fruit of the seeds that were planted with tearful prayers. Oh Lord, give us the faith to pray bold prayers that go beyond our lifetime here on earth. We ask for revival to flood this nation from north to south and east to west. May the prayers of the saints not go unanswered in this land.

“Let my prayer be as the evening sacrifice that burns like fragrant incense, rising as my offering to you as I lift up my hands in surrendered worship!” Psalm 141:2 TPT

Anita Dueck (YWAM Takatsuki Base Director)

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