10 Nov And this house shall be called a house of prayer

The Lord is good.
What an awesome God we have that He has made a way for prayer to be a blessing, a joy and a treasure! And all that beyond the fact that it is the way to get closest to His heart and closest to Himself! He has issued us an invitation to seek Him and to find Him and we are moving into part of what that looks like as we pursue building the altar of worship by establishing a prayer room at our base!  It has been an exciting time of exploring what that means and looks like for us!  One of the best parts for me has been seeing the way that the Lord is responding to the hearts of those who are stepping out to lead in the prayer room!  He is calling so many different things up and out of them, bringing up passions and and dreams they hadn’t realized they carried!  He is not only focused on getting our worship or our prayer but He loves to see us released into who we are in the process!

The Lord is faithful.
There are no formulas and no right or wrong ways to do things but all must be upheld by a passion wrought and kept by the Lord, a desire to seek His face, His heart and His will above all else! When we pursue Him He is so incredibly faithful to move things in us and release us into who we are in Him, it brings Him glory and honor which is the main point of prayer room anyhow! He knows the heart and purpose of prayer room far better than we do and He knows how to best make that happen if we just get out of the way, give Him room to move and work and surrender as best we can to Him! We are running a pioneering prayer room and it’s messy and chaotic at times but when you set yourself up to be encountered by the Lord you cannot lose! He is far more faithful to the word He has spoken than even we are and what a blessing! Everyday the faithfulness of God is made evident in our lives!  It’s not dependent on our performance, thankfully, but on the ability of the Lord to meet us, which is sure, and His desire to do so, which is endless!

The Lord is worthy.
In the end, even if the Lord didn’t respond in the way that He has been, He is none the less worthy of our whole heart, mind, soul and strength!  Our goal will always remain to bless His heart, minister to Him and cry out for for the things that are on His heart, never for His works or what He can do for us!  He is worth it all – every moment, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year and on!  What a blessing to enter into eternity even now by coming into His presence, worshipping, praising and simply being with Him!

(Chloe is a great communicator and teacher, treasured daughter of God, and an easygoing friend to many).

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