Pioneering 2020 Vision

30 Apr Pioneering 2020 Vision

Hello friends & family! This months blog will be focused on our two *NEW and exciting YWAM base plants! We have just recently pioneered a YWAM base in Oita, Japan and later this month we’ll be pioneering another in Niseko, Japan! Now you will hear from these inspiring ministry pioneers themselves.


My husband Kyle and I have been on staff with YWAM Tokyo for the past 10 years and I cannot believe that we’ll be leaving to start YWAM Niseko in a couple of months! We have grown so close to this community that even though we will be in the same country, we will miss them so much. This will be the first big move for us as a family of four. 

We have two children, Linden who is year and a half year old and our newest member, Matilda who is about one month old. We will be raising our children in a completely different setting (country side) than how my husband and I grew up (in the city). I believe that this move has to do with them as much as us. God has called US as a family to pioneer and I am excited to do this with family. As I am entering into a season of pioneering which is very different from entering into a semi established base, it feels terrifying, exciting, and yet so right. We are entering into something where we do not know what is about to take place but we are most certain about Who’s leading and carrying us; which is Jesus.

Lindsey Leung (YWAM Niseko Pioneer)

Our family has been on staff with YWAM Tokyo for the past 8 years. Both Rachel and I have felt a long term call to Hokkaido since the time we were kids and then together as a married couple. It is now such a privilege to be a part of pioneering the first YWAM work in Hokkaido. We have four lovely girls, Arianna is 10, Megumi is almost 8, Psalm is 6 and Angela is 4. As a family, we believe that God wants to reveal His heart as the Father of the eternal family to Niseko and we are looking forward to doing it together.

We are hoping to launch YWAM Niseko around the beginning of May. We are currently praying for a long term rental house that we have nicknamed the ‘Birds Nest’. When we arrive, we are planning to start a weekly worship night ministry as soon as possible. We are also hoping to have more of our crew (including some other YWAM Tokyo staff) join us sometime around the beginning of June. Thank you for your prayers with us as we go forward.

Greg Lilley (YWAM Niseko Pioneer)


Feel stuck but called to go? Move by faith and not fear. Do the impossible with God. Dig your well. Do not despise small beginnings. And don’t forget the kids.

Whenever it’s Passover I brace myself for movement, for Exodus, for transition. Why should we depart from our cozy apartment in Tokyo, our friends, our fruitful neighbourhood ministry among those we love, to begin a different kind of obscure season – pioneering – in the midst of unprecedented crisis and uncertainty? We even thought we would have a place secured, but it evaporated with all other certainty. All that remained was the promise.

Three weeks ago we left Tokyo and arrived in Oita, the land of abundant rice fields and mountain hot springs. We are indeed Passing Over, we are beholding the strong arm of the Lord, and He is on our side.

The first key to walking into what the Lord has for you is to be moved by faith and not fear. So we are humbly doing the impossible with God. This isn’t our first rodeo, but we do pendulum between faith and freak out… almost daily. Love is important and that’s where we have to abide. We have to dig that well in the secret place so that He can fill it with His presence. Are you bored? Dig a well. Get on your knees. Eat the Word. Sing and dance like no one can hear you.

Gods original plan for changing the world was with family. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses all took their kids along on their faith journeys from oasis to oasis, down to Egypt, through the wilderness, and then back to the Promised Land. Our kids, Enya, Ami and Judah are 6, 3, and almost 1. They are all in their own transitions. Their bigger transitions right now don’t seem to be about where we are living. Enya is all excited about “homeschool shogako” (elementary) where she gets to do “benkyo” (book study). We do a lot to nurture & develope her arts gifts and her relationship with the Lord. Ami is beginning at a Christian Japanese Preschool where she gets to enter the world of little friends, focused play, responsibility, and learning Japanese. Judah is all kicks and giggles. The kids are the future. If you are apostolic, you must think generationally beyond your own generation. Practically, for parents navigating the world of preschoolers, this means playing with your kids, tickles & snuggles, the same book over & over, goofy conversations, and learning how to pray simply. It’s also about putting complex theologies into parables and stories the way it was meant to be.

Pioneering and moving in the apostolic is a little like catching waves, you’ve got to be ready, you have to wait and watch. When you see the big one, you have to go for it and believe that you’ll be okay on the other side because the wave is the Spirit of God that is coming whether you are ready or not.

Jose & Mae (YWAM Oita Pioneers)

We invite you to make it your ambition to help us carry these new bases in prayer as they begin their new journeys with the Lord! As well, please continue to pray with us for Japan amidst the current virus outbreak. Holy Spirit is opening the hearts of the Japanese!


YWAM Tokyo

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