Oita, Rugby, & Typhoons

25 Oct Oita, Rugby, & Typhoons

Welcome back! We are happy to keep you up to date on the happenings of YWAM Tokyo.

Typhoon 19/Hagibis

Japan was recently hit with a large typhoon. 4765 homes were destroyed, 82 people were killed and as of October 22nd, 11 people are still missing.  Please pray for this nation, for those who lost their homes and especially for those who lost their loved ones. God wants to bring healing and comfort to those who are hurting. As followers of Christ, we want to remain open, ready and willing to obey when the Lord brings people across our path. At any time, we may be the tool the Lord wants to use to bring healing to His children.

At The Right Moment

Sometimes it seems difficult to know what God is doing; other times, it‘s as clear as day. For our DTS students last weekend, God’s plan for their afternoon quickly became known to them. The day after the typhoon, some of our students decided to go out into the city, but they left later than they had planned. Because of that, they were able to encounter someone on God’s heart. A young woman was preparing to play music near Ikebukuro and our students were able to talk with her as she set up. She shared with the students that she wanted to play her music to spread joy in the wake of the typhoon. Then, with tears in her eyes, she explained that her family lived in the area that was severely hit by the typhoon and she had yet to hear from them. One of the students gave her a hug and shared with her that there is a God who loves her and who wants to comfort her. 

Let us always be on the lookout for what God is doing instead of being caught up in our own plans!

Oita Outreach

God is moving in Oita! During the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the DTS team and Oita team met up and did outreach in Oita City. The people were so engaging and easy to reach. 15 people received Jesus! Please pray for each of them.  Even those who did not receive Jesus were curious and open to listen and dialogue.While it is easy to minister thanks to events such as this, the Oita team can testify that it has always been open from the start of visiting here. The people have a rich Christian history thanks to the first missionary to Japan, Francis Xavier. The spiritual atmosphere is so free and open because of the years missionaries have been working the ground. We can truly say, the field is ripe for harvest in Oita! Please pray for more to enter this harvest!


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