New Beginnings

26 Mar New Beginnings

Park Outreach

Recently, I began to lead a new ministry effort where a group of us do outreach in the park across from our home on Friday afternoons. We play different kinds of games with the kids in the neighbourhood such as basketball, rugby, football, frisbee, etc. We’re also able to build relationships with the parents who bring their children to play. In addition, some of those in our group bring their guitars and have a worship time right there in the park! This has opened up multiple doors for people who are just passing by (Japanese people love enjoying live music). This new weekly outreach was inspired in the wake of our most recent State of Emergency with an effort to do more local ministry. It’s been a great opportunity to build friendships with those in our neighbourhood and to share the Gospel and love of Jesus!

Levi Thompson (Finance Director In Training/Nurse)

Local Prayer Walking

About a year ago, I had it put upon my heart to begin praying for particular businesses here in our town of Higashikurume. Specifically, ones that are related to the sex industry and lonely hearts. Knowing of how much the Lord values prayer and of how integral stewarding our land is, I decided to start praying over these businesses. Eventually, I opened up this time of prayer to others at our YWAM base and it has grown into a wonderful ministry. We’re also praying over different locations like temples and shrines too! I believe that through consistent prayer and the Lord’s presence, we are able to help usher in redemption for these different areas. One major thing on our hearts is to see the temples and shrines redeemed for Jesus and turned into places of prayer and community. We also long to see the different mens clubs turned around and for them to become resources for helping women instead of taking advantage of them. So far, we’ve seen one mens club close and others having to limit opening hours due to COVID-19. Our hope is that with this extra time on their hands, both the workers and customers alike would have a time of reflection and be able to experience the presence of the Lord’s love.

Harrison Kolts (Finance Assistant)

Financial Partnership

Currently, we are facing some significant financial shortages as a base. Yet even in the midst of this, the Lord is still working in significant ways. Being apart of the change in this nation can be as simple as just focusing on those around us. In this season, we have felt the Lord guiding us to reach out more to our community. We would love to have your partnership financially for bigger things such as paying rent and also for small things like hosting future community barbecues. We also ask for your prayers, both for vision and clarity on how to focus our efforts amidst our financial lack. Here’s our link for ways to give 

Thank you for partnering with us!

For Jesus & Japan,

YWAM Tokyo

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