Hello I am Lindsey Hollands, one of the many amazing staff of YWAM TOKYO JAPAN.

I was born and raised in Japan pretty much all my life and so I am a missionary in my own country and that is SO appropriate, AMEN!

Because I am born and raised in Japan and have a massive heart for revival to come, I am always blessed to see missionaries coming to Japan. I appreciate it and every time I think about the sacrifice they are making to reach the Japanese it moves my heart. I am filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for every single one of the DTS students whom have come to learn more about God in JAPAN!Β  That is amazing! They are getting to know the heart of God and getting set free HERE in Japan. Come on! That is amazing, and that is affecting so much in the spirit realm here. Japanese people are constantly being exposed to the presence of God because these guys (students and staff) carry it! Ah! Can you feel the gratitude in my heart? I am overwhelmingly thankful for every single one of them and missionaries out there who are serving the nation of Japan.

So I wanted to share how amazing they are from my perspective! (I swear they didn’t force me to do this! It is purely from my heart)

Dave McDaniel: He is the base leader. He is our spiritual father. He is a worshipper, wise councilor, humble leader and it is my joy to serve and work with him. He has been such an encouragement in my life, speaking blessings over me and fighting alongside me in my struggles, and always willing to listen. He is very pastoral, a loving man of God. His hugs are amazing! I KNOW that if the Japanese get embraced by Dave they will just start crying be overwhelmed with feeling the love of the Lord. It has happened to me, and many of the people here. Hehe! All to say: HE IS THE BEST LEADER EVER!!!!


Maria McDaniel: Dave is amazing for one thing because of who he is and for another reason, he has an amazing wife who supports him! She has been the one really pressing in for the growth of this base! She is the sweetest woman you will ever meet! Soft hearted, caring and compassionate. She is such a servant-hearted woman!! Hospitable. She cares for each and every staff and student. She is an amazing mother, wife, and is very much needed at our base!!! She has encouraged me, prayed for me and spoken over me. The things she has spoken over me have been the words that I hold onto when I am having difficult season. It has been the marker in my life! All to say: SHE IS AN AMAZING WOMAN OF GOD!!!!


Greg Lilly: He is co-leading the DTS with Dave. This man is very passionate and fiery. Hoo! Haha. He carries the fire of God and just lets it out everywhere! He brings fire in the room and it comes out of his intimate love for the Lord. He will not tolerate anything that is not of God because it is his deepest desire for life to happen, freedom to happen, and revival to happen!!! He is great and amazing in every single way! He encourages us and speaks life over us. I love his heart for the Japanese and I love his heart for revival and how he gets really into it. I also love the way he loves his daughter. She is so cute and gorgeous; she’s only 2 yet she is softening the hearts of the Japanese all around her. I am confident that it is because of the love her father and her mother pour out from the secret place with the Lord, which leads me to talking about his beloved wife. πŸ˜‰


Rachel Lilly: I love her! She leads worship and just invites the presence of the Lord. She just adores and loves Him, and by doing that leads us into the intimate place with the Lord. It is amazing! She loves God! She loves repentance! She has a mothering and caring spirit. She is only 5 years older than me, yet she is very nurturing and I just feel peace being around her. She has a BEAUTIFUL smile! Her face during worship just shows her adoration and love for the Lord. She loves puns (I don’t really understand it because I am an ESL but I enjoy it ;)). She is a gift to this nation. I am so blessed and so happy that she is in Japan! She is very anointed and wonderful and there is no sign of pride~ She is amazing. She is FUN, and her laughter kills religiousness while releasing the spirit of joy! Did I mention that I love her? I love her so much! Haha.


Derick Domae: He is a second-generation Japanese descendant. He studied Japanese really hard! I can speak to him in Japanese; I think that is pretty cool! He is an amazing artist! He can draw Disney characters and they all look real!! I can’t do that! Can you? I love it!

He is a hard-working man and I cannot thank him enough for all the hard work he does for all of us and the joy he brings into our lives and to my life. He is funny, I love his laugh, I love when he is just being who he is; it is so refreshing to see someone so free and being wild in Japan! I like it. He is diligent and does things with excellence. He also carries a massive heart for Japan. He is a leader and I respect him so much. He is a trustworthy, caring friend. This base will be very different if there was no Derick. It’s true.


J.P Cohern: He is from Mississippi!!! What more do you need?! Haha. He is so great! His heart is BIG! …and DEEP and SOFT! Haha!

He has a massive father heart. He is a leader and leads all of us to the way everlasting because he is so submitted to the Holy Spirit. He is caring and very much passionate for the word of God. I love the way he leads the crowd; it is with humility and power and it goes hand in hand perfectly. His prayer moves and shifts the atmosphere. He is pastoral. He is smart and wise and I can totally depend on him and rely on him because whatever he does I know he is doing it for God’s glory! I’ve seen his growth and I love seeing the journey of his life. He allows God to break and mold him, doing all that God wants to in his life. That is quality!


David Crabb: He is a great dancer! Great entertainer, amazing bass player and every one’s brother! He is super friendly and fun to be around. I love his posture in worship and how he gets into playing the bass. He also loves Japan with his whole heart but more than anything Jesus is the lover of his soul. He is big brother to many and we all love him very much! His laugh!! SO GOOD- it is contagious! I know that his laugh is going to release laughter to the Japanese too! Laughter is so necessary in this nation, just releasing joy. David’s laugh is perfect for this nation! πŸ˜‰


Devin: He loves relationships! His pursuit of relationship is just like Jesus. He just wants to love on people. He loves community and investing in people’s lives. He has the mind of Christ. I love how he thinks and how he perceives things it is very different from mine and I enjoy it so very much! He speaks blessing continually to others, encourages people consistently and will not speak death into people’s hearts. He cares about the details and he really cares to get to know people, who they are, their journey, their destiny. You cannot ask for a greater friend than Devin! He is THAT awesome.


Kaare: He is an intercessor. I LOVE it when he prays in fact I am pretty sure everyone does, I love the way he speaks to God and how he interacts with God. He is genuine and honest. Youth are drawn to Kaare and Kaare is drawn to the youth. He is very funny and artistic. He is so easy to work with. He is friendly and he is growing so fast! He is man of passion and perseverance. I am so glad he is part of YWAM TOKYO! He is a smart, loving, and caring man. It is amazing how many quality guys God brings to this nation. YAY!


Daniel: He is our tech guy. SO MUCH MORE than tech guy. He loves cats and he loves the Japanese language. He asks a lot of good questions. He is such a sweet man, very loving. He has a child-like heart, child-like faith, is teachable and receives all things with eagerness. He is an encourager and a great companion! He knows how to have fun in the midst of chaos. He loves people wherever he goes and whomever he meets. He is gentle and gracious and I know that God is going to do an amazing work through this man. Daniel is being who he is made to be.


Jerome: He’s the man! He pursues God because He knows that God pursues him. He is a man of faith, man of integrity and man of love. He is hungry and thirsty for more of the Lord! He gets the work done but in the process of it he disciples the people around him. He is so loving that he will not let you believe in something that is not of God. He is amazing. You will love him if you ever get to meet him. He is hilarious, he makes us laugh from time to time with his humor and he is a kingdom guy! He honors the people he works with, he affirms the people around him and when he does it just does something to your heart. It is simply Jesus touching our heart through his words.


Gary: He’s been big part of starting and keeping this new blog. He is from England- I love his accent. He has a massive heart for the Church, the body and the bride of Christ. He is truly a man of unity. He sees the part that is hurting and he will affirm and encourage them. He brings unity through his humility, gentleness and patience. He is 100% gentle and 100% passionate, not 50/50. 100%. I love his posture and mindset, when God speaks to us as a base about something. He will not run to doubt but he will have faith in it forever, and even in the difficult season, he will hold on to the promises that God has made. He will always press in. He is a man of prayer. He shows care for each and every one of us and will never leave anyone behind. We can count on this guy; he is the real deal! πŸ˜‰


Kyle: Where to start! I genuinely like this guy. You will never meet anyone quite like him. He brings the presence of God, he releases heaven in worship and I love it! When you see him and when you get to know him you begin to see that he simply loves God and wants to make him known. It’s so beautiful. He is also very fun to be around. He makes me laugh all the time with just him being who he is in Christ. He is genuine and full of a passion that puts others into wanting more of God. He has the heart of God and he also moves the heart of God. He loves feasts. Feasting with food, but way more than that feasting in the goodness of the Lord and just who God is.


Ryan: He is currently studying Japanese really, really hard. He loves Japan and the Japanese; it is VERY, VERY obvious. He makes friends with so many Japanese people, he reaches out to those who do not know God, and shares love with all of the people around him. He is giving, and gives with a grateful heart. He never gives up but he presses in to the calling to which he has been called. He is friendly and you feel welcome whenever and wherever you are around him!


Chloe: Oh! Chloe~~~haha. She is so lovely and beautiful. Her adoration and love for the Lord is so good to see and so very attractive.

She is a worshipper and she is such a sweetheart. I love being around her- she is clever, smart, funny, cute and an amazing woman with wisdom and love. She has good things to say! I love praying with her and loving on the Lord together with her, as she inspires me to seek him more and more in the secret place. She cares for every individual- she is just like Jesus in that she doesn’t just see the crowd of Japanese, but she sees the individual. She will never judge people by appearance but will love them with the love God has given to her. She is a mighty woman. πŸ˜‰


Sharayah: I love her voice, and she is a beautiful singer. She has a strong and soft heart. She is a passionate fiery woman. She used to be my roommate and I loved it! She is amazing at babysitting and taking care of children (even taking care of me, haha). She is a mother in the spirit. She will confront me if I settle for less than what God has for me and it is good. She loves community and family and that is such a desire that is needed in this nation. She is an amazing friend who cares, she is thoughtful, giving and a hard worker. Many things that people would not volunteer for she would do it with joy and excellence. She is truly a gift to me and to this base.


Rachel: Oh I love her hugs and smiles and encouragement. Her sweetness melts me. The way she speaks and the way she looks at me just makes me feel so loved. She gives great massages!!!!! I love it ~~ not only the massages but the conversation and the talk that come out of that time. She loves Jesus and she loves this nation. I have never once heard her complain about something that’s in Japan and comparing it with her home. I know she loves her home yet she embraces what God has given her in the moment and she rejoices in it. Rachel is a joy releaser and a great listener. I thank God for her with all of my being; her sweetness is out of this world. I cannot wait for her to meet more and more Japanese that she gets to just hug and smile at!! The fruit that will come out of that, AH==!


Katie: The more you get to know her, the more you love her. I love the way she dances, I love the way she thinks and I love the way she loves and goes after people. Revival rings inside of her and I think Japan has just found what they have been looking for haha. A woman who carries faith and compassion. She is truly fun to hang around with and just to sit quietly with, too. She makes you feel at home wherever you are from. She carries and releases joy. She will never give up in pursuing people, praying and walking in the calling that is on her life. She has desire and dreams but her vision is Jesus and I really see that in her, it is really beautiful.


Sadie: I like her! haha She is a passionate bride and a daughter that is crazy in love with her Father. She is artistic, her voice is so beautiful but not only that her heart is beautiful because she is the seeker of heavenly beauty. She is currently my roommate and I just enjoy spending time with her and hearing what she loves. The way she thinks is so different and seems way more fun than how I imagine things, haha. I love her wild mind and heart; she is a keeper! πŸ˜‰ God’s delight is all over her and she has such a child-like heart that is delighted and dances around her Father. She is so beautiful INSIDE AND OUT!


Aran: She is my big sister! She takes amazing pictures and makes amazing videos! She is talented! She is a great photographer, she can dance, play guitar, do a little bit of EVERYTHING but what I love about her the most is her heart. Her heart is after God, His heart, and His ways. She is an amazing sister, she fights for her family and she fights for the kingdom. I’ve been encouraged by her so many times and she is so good at making new friends! Everyone loves her; she is so much fun, and her heart is so beautiful. She is amazing and I don’t think I have seen even a glimpse of it! There are greater things that are going to be released through her in this nation and I cannot wait for that!


Jaehyun: If she isn’t passionate, then I don’t know what passion is. She is a prayer warrior and amazing hospitable lady! She has such a young heart! She can hang out with any age group and it will be so natural. I love her hugs, she is wise and she is so nurturing while she carries a mother spirit. When you get a hug from her, you will never want to leave from it haha. She is so fun to be around.

I love how she cares for each of us and how she will make rice porridge for me when I am sick. I love her tenderness and the care she shows to me. I love that she shows interest in what’s been going on with me. and if I seem a bit tired she would always come and ask how I am feeling.


Carolina: Carolina~~ she is so gorgeous! She carries such a rich spirit, I love her prayers, I love her servant heart, I love her heart of welcome. She is a bridge-person, she is so good at connecting with people outside of our base. She has so many friends everywhere! She is so precious to the kingdom and I can just feel it. She is a lover of His presence. She has so many desires and dreams and visions for Japan but most importantly she wants His kingdom to advance. Wonderful woman who makes other people feel wonderful.

I love her passion for Spanish and her home. Knowing that and the fact that she left her home to come serve in a nation that is far different from her culture just shows her humility and big heart!


Rakel: Rakel, Rakel, Rakel. Oh MAN! I can’t even find the words to say- I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER! She is an amazing cook. Not only does she make amazing meals, she is such a sweetheart. She is so encouraging to all of us! She encourages me ALL the time! She gives me hugs when she doesn’t know what to say but when she just wants to show thanks and love and I LOVE THAT! Who doesn’t! She shares Christ’s love with us and to the Japanese people. She is so good at allowing Jesus to come through her in just loving the people around her. She has set my heart free by loving on me. Her songs are amazing! If she ever comes up to you and starts singing, watch out! Your heart is going to be rocked by Jesus through her πŸ˜‰ hehehehe It is GOOD.


Jong Keum: She is one strong woman (spiritually, I don’t really know about physically, but I am pretty sure she can take me no problem haha) What she is doing right now is so mind-blowing. Learning Japanese, and then learning English, she’s been given the passion to teach the Bible in Japanese to the people here in Japan and she is dedicated! She is growing in her Japanese so fast, and I am just amazed and admire her determination I GET CONVICTED! I know that she will teach the Bible to the Japanese and people will not only know the Word, but love it, β€˜cause she loves the Word of the Lord. I am pretty stoked for her! πŸ˜‰

It’s pretty amazing, right? Who wants to join now?! Hahahaha

I am one lucky girl to be around with lovely, wonderful, beautiful people like them.

It is purely a privilege and an honor. I am SO thankful to God for sending these people to Japan and I KNOW God is thankful for their faithfulness and obedience for pressing in and going forward in their calling. THEY WILL NOT REGRET IT! I know God is going to do wonderful things through each and everyone of them HERE in Japan. I know that He will be glorified and magnified through them and I know Japanese people will begin to call on the name of the Lord because of the love that was shown through the missionaries here in Japan. How exciting is that?! I LOVE it. I LOVE MY LIFE.

Now that you know their names, please be praying for them and bless them in every area of their lives.
Pray that the kingdom will be released through them. Thank you AND I love YOU for praying for Japan and just reading this blog! πŸ˜‰

(Lindsey is a second-year DTS staff. Fierce contender for the faith in Japan, and precious daughter of the King of Kings.)

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