March Ministry

27 Mar March Ministry

Hello everyone! We hope you are all staying healthy and taking the proper precautions amidst the current virus outbreak. May the Lord protect and provide for you in all that you need.

This month, we want to share with you about our Friday outreaches in Ikebukero. Each week, there’s a group of us that gather to do different styles of ministry including open air worship, art outreach, & street evangelism. Below, we’ll share more specifically about the street evangelism aspect.

Ministry Spotlight

Ever since I got saved 35 years ago, I’ve had a passion to proclaim the Gospel. I’ve used music, dramas, and more recently street illusions, in order to gain the attention of people in the streets. When my wife and I moved to Tokyo to serve with YWAM, I came with this same passion. As I began to join the other YWAMers doing ministry in Ikebukuro on Friday nights, I would wander off to different areas looking for English speakers to talk with. Others began joining me regularly to translate, pray, and help in various ways. Over and over again, in a nation with religious freedom, we kept meeting people who didn’t understand the Gospel truths that many of us as Christians take for granted. 

A group of us continue to go out each week to intentionally start conversations about Jesus. Part of what we do is proclamation evangelism, which is simply giving the average person who has never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, that vital opportunity. We share this message in parks, in front of the train station, and in restaurants, where people are more relaxed and less in a hurry. Each week we have amazing conversations and many people have even prayed to receive Jesus! This last Friday, I was sharing the Gospel for a while with some friendly young people who could speak English. During our conversation, I noticed another Japanese man in the distance who kept looking our way. He finally came over and asked to join the conversation! It turned out that he was a Christian and that he was grateful to encounter other believers. He spent another hour with us and even helped us translate with another group of young people!

We recently started a weekly Bible study at McDonald’s that we unofficially call ‘McChurch’. So far, we have one man who has been coming regularly. He is an older man, who is interested in knowing more about Jesus. God is touching his heart and I believe that he is a key for us in reaching a lot of other Japanese people. Please partner with us in praying for him and that God would lead us to more key people who are open to the Gospel. Also, please pray that God would send more workers to help multiply the ‘McChurch’ groups. Lastly, please pray and ask the Lord to fill us with His Spirit, as we and our friends who are doing worship and art outreach, aim to reach the lost for Jesus. There’s a big window of opportunity to reach the Japanese, and we believe that God is about to do something great!

Mark Annand (Base Staff/AML Coordinator)

A few months ago, while I was eating supper, I met a young Japanese man. He seemed really interested to talk with foreigners. After sharing the Gospel with him, I asked if he would like to meet up for a meal sometime so that I could share my story with him and to help answer any questions he might have. He instantly said “yes”! I got his contact information and we organized to meet up that following week. Since then, I’ve been able to meet up with him multiple times and each time, I get to share more about who Jesus is and help to answer his questions. 

We meet a lot of people every week who have never heard the Gospel and so it’s such a privilege for us to be representatives of Jesus for the unreached. We also give each person that we talk with a ‘Jesus card’ that has a link to a website that shares the entire message of the Bible, the Bible itself translated into Japanese, and also links to local churches that they can attend, if so desired. For some of us, this Friday outreach is often the highlight of our week!

AML (A Million Lights), as described in our January blog, is a ministry that’s purpose is to train believers of Jesus to share the Good News with their families, friends, and co-workers. If you would like to learn more or would like to partner with us in prayer, please visit our social media platforms and follow us for updates!

Last but not least, we invite you to pray with us in regards to the present virus outbreak. Please be praying for health in our community, the church of Japan, and the nation as a whole. Thank you!


YWAM Tokyo

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