Loss Leads To Gain

27 Nov Loss Leads To Gain

2020 has been quite a tumultuous year, to say the least. Here at YWAM Tokyo, there has been a lot of internal change in addition to the global shared pandemic experience. As you probably know from earlier blogs, our leadership team has changed this year, and there have also been numerous staff who have left Tokyo to follow the Lord to new places. 

I think change is one of those things that can get vilified more than it deserves. Change can be scary and full of uncertainty, but it can also be a beautiful and wonderful thing. What we often fail to see is that change inherently means that there will be a loss— but there will also be a gain! 

There has been a lot of loss this year in our community. We lost an amazing leadership team, yet it was replaced by a new, amazing leadership team. Many staff have left, yet we are secure and excited in the knowledge that they are walking together with the Lord and that they are held together with Him (and so are we)! 

The Lord wants to walk with us through the full range of experience and emotions that come with change. Grief, joy, uncertainty, peace, He wants to hold us through them all. When the loss seems more than any gain, He wants to weep with us and hold us tight as His children and as our comforter. When change leads to new places, He runs excitedly before, beside, and behind us. And when we are exhausted from feeling, He lies down with us to rest.

I think it’s safe to say that many of us here are in the exhausted stage. But that’s okay! The Lord is with us. He promises to carry us and sustain us. As we lift our eyes to Him, He is faithful to move in us and for us. 

“I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.” Isaiah 46:4 NLT

Where are you in your journey of change? What is the Lord wanting to show you?

Rachael Harvey (Leadership Member)

For Jesus & Japan,

YWAM Tokyo

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