Living Room Spotlight

24 Jul Living Room Spotlight

This month, we want to share with you about our live-streamed ‘Living Room’ ministry and its impact on those involved. You will hear from some of our participants, one of our current staff members and also from a previous staff member that recently moved to northern Japan.

In previous months, I had the privilege of being apart of the Living Room live-streaming teams in Tokyo. I found it so encouraging to hear how even though people couldn’t be in the same room together, there was still a sense of unity and direction from the Lord. I’ve heard testimonies from people who were ministered to by what the Lord did and how the things we shared ministered to their hearts.

I recently moved to Hokkaido. During these last couple of months, having the Living Room livestream as part of my weekly worship time has been such an encouragement. Even though we are apart physically, there is no distance in the spirit and we can be in unity and agreement even when far apart. I’m so thankful to live in this age of being able to livestream worship times. I encourage anyone who would like to join that it’s worth it.

Rachel Lilley (YWAM Niseko Leader)

One of the ways that Living Room has impacted me since we started live-stream is how almost every week, whether I’m on the worship team that night or when I’m at home, my heart has been led to intercede for the nations. As I intercede, my heart longs to grasp the heart of the Father for His people, for the lost, and broken.

Another way that Living Room has been encouraging to me recently is how people are actually experiencing God in their physical living room. There have been nights when we feel to dance upon injustice and disappointments. When I’m at home in my living room, He leads me to His dance. As I follow His lead in this dance, He has brought me clarity, peace and confidence that He is with me, He loves me, and longs to be close.

Lana Knelsen (Base Staff)

“Every time I watch Living Room I feel God’s presence so tangibly. It refreshes my spirit and I feel the freedom to just rest in His presence.”

Nicole Cerny (Past DTS Student)

There was a very heavy darkness over my workplace and it was a miserable situation but I received the Holy Spirit’s power through Living Room. When I rejoiced and praised, dancing in my workplace as the Holy Spirit led me, people were saved and the power of darkness is now fading! Hallelujah! I’m grateful for the ministry of Living Room!

Nakajima Sakurako (Community Member) 

We hope that you were blessed by these testimonies and by the work our Father is doing through this ministry. If you have not been involved in this worship time, we invite you to follow us on our social media platforms and participate through our live-stream video on Youtube each Tuesday at 7pm. Blessings!

Jesus & Japan,

YWAM Tokyo

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