Goodbye 20teens

27 Dec Goodbye 20teens

Here we are! The end of 2019 is upon us. With the coming year on our minds, it’s also been an exciting month here in Tokyo.

Ministry Spotlight

One of the ministries we do is a unique gathering called “Conversation Parties”. My husband Tim & I, typically host them once each month on a Sunday evening. We started 4 years ago with just 2 people. We invite friends that we have met from ministry events such as Art Outreach, Street Worship, Mets English Club at Rikkyo University, & or friends who we have met in other various places.

This year we had our 4th annual Christmas Conversation Party. There were 14 people who participated, including 4 university students! It was a great time of enjoying a roasted chicken dinner and Christmas cookies. Before the meal, we got to talk about the meaning of Christmas and about what year end holiday traditions we practice.

Amongst the 4 university students, one is blind and another is paralyzed from the waist down. They have both been heavy on our hearts for the past 3 years and they are soon to graduate university. They both said they greatly enjoyed their time with us and that it was a wonderful Christmas gift for them this year. We are grateful for this. Our heart for the Conversation Parties is to build relationships with Japanese people and to teach them the truth of the Gospel as we grow together in community. Please pray for these parties as they continue!

Julianne Needham (Base Staff)

DTS Update

Our DTS has finished its 12 week ‘Lecture Phase’ and has left for Alaska and Fiji to commence its 8 week ‘Outreach Phase’. The last two weeks of lectures were incredibly powerful. Two speakers came in to teach about ‘Friendship With God’ and ‘Healthy Relationships/Godly Confrontation’. The first lecture contained multiple testimonies of how God speaks to us like a good father/friend and how He desires our hearts. The second lecture was about how we should value each other as God’s children and co-heirs of the Kingdom. Too, it was about how we should pursue whole hearted relationships and create safe environments for people to feel protected as they are taught to be who they truly are in Christ. We were happy to finish the ‘Lecture Phase’ this way and send the DTS teams on outreach with a fresh revelation of how God loves to relate with them and of how they can lovingly relate with each other/others during their time away.

Jeff Knelson (Assistant School Leader)

We are very thankful for all that has happened this past year! 2020 is going to be a amazing year for Japan and we are extremely excited to be apart of it with you! We want to wish you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year! ??

For Jesus & Japan,

YWAM Tokyo

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