Thank you for your interest in doing a DTS here at YWAM Tokyo! Here is some information you may want to know before you apply.

Do you accept applications from citizens of all countries?

We are sorry to say that currently we only accept applications from citizens of countries who are exempt from needing a visa for stays of up to 90 days. Please see this page for these countries. If you are a citizen of a country that is not on this list or if your country is limited to a 15 day landing permission (Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand), we would ask that you attend a DTS at a different location. If you feel a call to serve in Japan, please do apply as staff here after completing your DTS. We would love to have you here!

What language is the DTS in?

Our upcoming September 2019 DTS will be conducted in English.

Will I need a visa?

As long as you are a citizen of a country that is exempt from needing a visa (see above), you will enter Japan on a 90 day visitor’s permit. You will leave on Outreach before this expires. Please note that a round-trip ticket to and from your home country is required to enter Japan.

How do I get to the school?

It is your own responsibility to get to and from Tokyo, Japan. The location of the DTS is in the Tokyo area so, for international students, there are two international airports you can arrive at: Narita International (NRT) or Tokyo International, Haneda (HND). For those in Japan, the closest train station is Higashikurume on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. Once we know your arrival date and time, we can arrange someone to meet you and bring you to the school.

Where are the outreach locations?

The Tokyo DTS outreach takes place both within Japan and overseas. In the past, we have gone to the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, as well as various locations throughout Japan. Each school determines outreach locations through a process of prayer, so they are subject to change.

What expenses are related to the DTS?

There are multiple expenses regarding the DTS:

Registration Fee: A non-refundable registration fee of ¥5,000 must be sent with your completed application.

Airfare to Japan: You are responsible for purchasing your own round-trip airfare to Japan scheduled for the arrival dates provided with your acceptance documents. The price will vary based on your point of origin.

Lecture Phase Tuition: The tuition for the 12-week Lecture Phase is ¥650,000. This covers accommodation, food, local transportation, and other expenses related to the school. There is a special discount of ¥25,000 for those who make full payment before start of school.

Outreach Phase Fee: The Fees for Outreach Phase is estimated to be between ¥275,000 – ¥375,000. This covers accommodation, food, local transportation, airfare and other expenses with regard to the 8 week Outreach portion of the DTS. The final cost of the Outreach Phase of the DTS cannot be determined until the outreach nation is confirmed.

Refundable Cleaning Deposit: Upon arrival, students will be required to pay ¥5,000 cash as a cleaning deposit which is refundable based on meeting the cleaning and upkeep of the room during their time at YWAM Tokyo. Any refund will be issued before leaving YWAM Tokyo after graduation.

How do I pay?

The registration fee is paid online using PayPal or via Japan Post Bank if you reside in Japan. Lecture Phase Tuition can be paid by bank transfer, International Money Order or cash in person. After you have been accepted, you will receive more details. Specific questions can be sent to

What is the payment schedule?

After you have been accepted, a deposit of ¥100,000 needs to be paid as soon as possible (which counts towards your total Lecture Phase Tuition) and must be done before coming to Japan. Before the end of the third week of the Lecture Phase, you are required to pay the remainder of your Lecture Phase Tuition of ¥550,000. The Outreach Phase Fee must be paid one month before departure to your outreach nation.

If you have any questions, or need some fund-raising ideas, please EMAIL US