06 Oct Faithful

I remembered something the other day. Something that had God all over it. The testimony I share today isn’t new, but the revealing of it is. Cryptic? I shall start by sharing about a previous story, then we’ll go back over how great God is. Sound good? I thought so.

This story began on a day this year’s DTS when I was walking with my one-on-one from the station near the DTS House in Edogawabashi. Due to overcrowding, several of the staff (myself included) were living elsewhere. So for me this was my first time walking from the local train station to the house. I stepped out from under the overhang to an air of familiarity.The tall highway to my right, a street with colorful red market signs up ahead.. as I walked with a student, I thought to myself ‘there’s going to be a huge garage door here any second now’ and there it was! Some kind of packing and storage facility. It was so familiar, but I couldn’t pin down where I had seen this urban landscape before.

An aside: Though I live in Tokyo, I do not know what the outsides of many stations I train through are like. Even though I’ve walked inside some of the stations I still may never leave the gates. So when it comes to stepping out of the station exits, the experience is very memorable.

Once I got home it clicked. I had been there, at least one year prior- my records show the date as March 24th, 2011. As far as I have gathered my thoughts, it seems we (YWAM Tokyo Staff) gathered at a subway station, then split off into prayer teams to pray for housing openings. I was in one of the teams that walked throughout Edogawabashi, praying for God to provide a house for our base to move into. To sum it up: the prayers we prayed a year before we got the house in Edogawabashi were answered when we got that house early this year in April 2012. Isn’t that crazy?! GOD IS FAITHFUL. He remembered even when I forgot and when most everyone moved onto other things.

Just the other day (9/28) I was walking to a station called Kotake-mukaihara from Senkawa, and there again came that familiar sense. The 7-11 convenience store right beside the station exit, the steel rails to block road traffic from spilling onto the sidewalk, a corner market at an odd angle, the landscape all matched up with something I had seen before. I had been here, and prayed prayers for housing. Kotake-mukaihara, as it turns out, is a brisk 15-minute walk from Senkawa, where the current DTS Girls House is. It’s a station used often to gain access to a different line for a cheaper price, and our staff do often go through there. Man, God is faithful! He has been faithful to provide and answer prayers of more than a year ago. There exists none like Him in heaven or earth. Praise God!

I dug up some photos for this. You may enjoy them at my expense (you’ll see why in a moment). The top banner photo is from a shrine building we found in Edogawabashi during our prayer walk in 2011.

On the left, September 28, 2012. I’m standing by the station exit and looking across the way. On the right, March 24, 2011. I’m sitting on a steel rail near the same spot, but taking a cheesy photo of myself. There ya go. Enjoy, and cherish our faithful Father!

(Jerome is the same guy that wrote the last blog but he’s excited that more blogs are coming in the future from others at the base!)

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