COVID-19 Update

17 Apr COVID-19 Update

Hey everyone, we thought it would be beneficial to give you an update as to how the present epidemic has been affecting our lives and as to what we believe God is doing in this time.

Message from our Base Director

We were all gathered together, our eyes fixed on the screen. Things were starting to turn around and get exciting. The Kansas City Chiefs were starting to make a comeback.

At this point, we were all having a great time, enjoying one another, and eating delicious snacks that are customary of the American Super Bowl. None of us were particularly invested in either team, but there was one question on some of our minds: was revival about to be released? We had heard that there was a prophecy saying that when the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, revival would come. And as you might know, the Kansas City Chiefs did win. That was February 3rd.

That wasn’t the only news for us in Japan that day. It was later on that we heard the news about the Diamond Princess, the cruise ship carrying infected passengers with COVID-19 that was quarantined in the Yokohama Harbor of Tokyo Bay. Of course at this time, COVID-19 was not a household name and we in Tokyo were primarily thinking about how to finish up our Discipleship Training School with our students returning from outreach later that week. While our students were able to return home without much issue with lockdowns, in the weeks to come, everything changed.

Now almost everyone is in lockdown. The Japan government declared a state of emergency last week and the governor of Tokyo has requested people to work from home, to not go out at night, and to stay home on the weekends. Remember that word about revival? It seems like a distant memory, only a faint dream of possibility. How can you have revival without people being able to gather together? Yes, it is often marked by churches full of hundreds of people listening to convicting preaching and repenting, giving their lives to Jesus, but you would be hard pressed to see anywhere full of people right now. Yet it seems like people are staged in the perfect place for revival. We are at home, separated from our distractions and comforts, and we have an incredible chance to seek God and pray for the things on His heart, completely reliant upon Him moving in power rather than trusting in our own actions. I believe that now is a time to press into our relationships with God, drawing close to Him, and experiencing personal revival to prepare us for the time to come!

We at YWAM Tokyo have been looking at how we can adjust and adapt in the midst of this crisis. At the beginning of the year, all of our eyes were set on the 2020 Olympics and doing outreach as the nations came to us. Now the nations are all locked in place and our city is starting to experience its own outbreak. Yet we continue to look to God and trust Him to guide us through this, asking Him, “How do you want us to respond?” We know that He has an answer for us to partner with in this time.

So I don’t know if the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory started something back in February, but I do know revival is on our minds! We will keep praying and contending for it until we see it in our city, in the nation, and in the nations abroad. We are hopeful for what God is going to do through this crisis, and we know it is going to be good.

JP Corhern (New* Base Director)

Testimony of God at Work

Right now the world is gripped by the fear of Coronavirus. Health and economy that once felt absolute has now been shaken so that many are probably struggling with feelings of anxiousness. My mother is one of them. My mother is not a believer but I have shared the Gospel with her multiple times and she rejects it every single time. Yet as she was extremely fearful and worried on the phone about this pandemic, I shared “I am not afraid at all because I have Jesus with me”. I once again shared the hope I have in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Surprisingly, this time she received it! And I led her in the sinners prayer as we prayed together.

Before I was a Christian, my relationship with my mother was awful but God brought forgiveness and restoration for me to love her. Now I’ve received this amazing grace of seeing my mother getting saved. Even in the midst of this hardship, called Coronavirus, the Lord used it for good. Lord truly is good!

Yoshi (Community Member)

For Jesus & Japan,

YWAM Tokyo

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