17 Nov The Privilege of Living as a Community

There are several reasons to live with someone. One of the biggest reasons is the house rental fee. It costs a lot of money, so if you find a housemate your house fee is lower than what you expect.

But that is not the ONLY benefit.
Living as a community has many advantages.

First of all, you can learn from each other. You can discover good things that they have you don’t. You can also help others if you are able. It builds our lives up together.

Everyone has a different personality, so of course, you may have a hard time living with them, but that is also another opportunity to learn something. At least you can grow through that conflict. Conflicts force you to look beyond yourself to others. Sometimes its hard to understand their personality or pattern of thier lives and it can make you upset, tired or disappointed.

But if you think differently, in a positive way, you can become a more understanding person. To live in the world, you must have relationship with other people. There is no one who can survive alone, so it is a kind of training to live with different people.

And, if you love one another, all men will know that you are the disciples of Christ.(John 13:35). Also that is Jesus’s command : Love each other(John 15:17).

So it is a privilege to live as a community. You can learn as much as you want. You can show your love to each other. Of course you can receive their love, too. You can make a wonderful community just by living with someone. Living as a community is not always easy, but don’t give up. It is all up to you. You are already on the stage. Just love them.

(Aran K. is one of our DTS Staff and has been joyfully serving the Lord for many years. Her passions include video and working with youth.)

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