08 Aug Art

One of the things that I love most about Japanese culture is art. Japan is well known for it's beauty in nature, but also in the songs, poems and artwork created by Japanese people. I believe the creativity behind all the Haikus, Anime, and the...

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05 Jun Covered

We are always in the Father's house. Friends, we are always welcome in His home and He dwells with us. Since the work of Christ, He chooses not a physical temple but us as His people, temples of the Holy Spirit. Let me expound- most of us have left our earthly fathers to be in mission here in Tokyo. We might come out from that covering of our fathers providing for us, but God's covering will NEVER be removed from us.
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20 Apr Sailed!

Dear Friends   On Good Friday, March 29, 2013 the newly purchased YWAM Marine Reach ship M/Y PACIFIC HOPE and her crew sailed on her maiden voyage from
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05 Mar SPRING!

It is March! I enjoy march so march! HAHAHA
In Japan Spring is very eventful!
Graduations for all of those who attend Japanese school and new start of school/work in April.
March 3rd: We have "hinamatsuri" (doll festival in English I think). It is a celebration for girls and prayer that they will grow healthy.
March14th: We have White Day! It is month after valentines because in Japan girls give out chocolates to boys on Valentine's Day, and guys give chocolates to girls on March 14th.
It is also the season to see cherry blossoms; right now we see ume flowers (plum?)! It is going to be beautiful! 
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09 Dec The Enduring Vision for a Ship Ministry in Japan

Ever since working on the Youth With A Mission medical mercy ship ANASTASIS in the 1980’s, John Somers-Harris and I have had a persistent vision to see a group of people raised up to bless to the nations by way of a ship based in Japan.  I met my Japanese wife Sachiko on the ship during her on-board Discipleship Training School in 1987. We named our son Noah, because we met on the ship. John's wife also worked on the ship as a teacher.
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01 Dec Their True Inheritance

I have been reading God on Campus by Trent Shepherd. I walk away from every session of reading realizing more and more that God has radical plans for the university and college campuses of the nations in this generation. Most excitingly for me is that I am certain this is true of Japan. In his book Trent shares about an experience a friend of his named Pete Greig who founded the 24/7 prayer ministry that has spread all over the world.
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26 Nov For Christ’s Love Compels Us

A month or so ago I found myself at International Christian University High School (ICUHS) during lunch, awkwardly trying to strike up a conversation with a group of Japanese students during their lunch break. I had been invited by my pastor at my church, who...

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17 Nov The Privilege of Living as a Community

There are several reasons to live with someone. One of the biggest reasons is the house rental fee. It costs a lot of money, so if you find a housemate your house fee is lower than what you expect. But that is not the ONLY benefit. Living as a community has many advantages. First of all, you can learn from each other. You can discover good things that they have you don't. You can also help others if you are able. It builds our lives up together.
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