Blessing Our Base Director

26 Jun Blessing Our Base Director

We want to take this opportunity to commission in our new base director, JP Corhern. This man is an incredible husband, father, and friend. He is fit to lead us into this next season of ministry and we believe that God has called him and his wife, Katie, for this task. You will hear from a few of our staff on their thoughts of how JP has impacted their personal journey’s with the Lord, as well, their thoughts on him becoming our new leader.

One of the most impactful qualities JP demonstrated for me is patience. Patience is a practice of love and a fruit of the Holy Spirit. JP has taught me to not rush through life, but rather, wait upon the Lord. I have learned that it is better to keep asking God what he is doing than it is to push my agenda. JP organizes his life with the goal of going low, going slow, and stopping for the one, and I have learned how important this is to God. I am keen on practicing patience in this way throughout my life.

I sincerely admire JP’s leadership, specifically in the aspect of caring for people and pursuing right relationship with everyone he knows. I trust his leadership because I know that his highest priority is to take care of the Lord’s heart. He is careful to consider the hearts of others and count them as more significant than himself. He has displayed servant-hearted leadership since I met him in 2012. JP taking on the role of Base Director marks a new season for our base, and I am excited for everything God has in the future for YWAM Tokyo.

Angela Simon (Finance Assistant)

One way JP has impacted my life is by how he talks through and handles situations with his daughter. I’ve never seen him get angry, upset, or overly frustrated about anything she has done. He’s always stable, always desiring to talk things over, always willing to hear her out, and hold her when she’s crying. I’m able to relate with him when I find that I’m having a hard to time with my own son. After watching JP parent, I’m learning to start talking things through with my son, loving on him, and letting him know that I want to see things from his perspective. It’s been really life altering for me as a father.

As I’ve already witnessed him in leadership being apart of his small group, I think that JP will really hear people out. 
He’ll do this by listening to what’s really happening, giving people opportunity to speak, giving time to talk things over, be loving, approachable, kind hearted, and quick to repent if & when something he does or says is not best. He’s truly a loving leader and someone that would mend lives and love them before wanting anything from them.

Jeff Knelsen (Base Staff)

At YWAM Tokyo, each ministry leader is assigned a “champion” from our leadership team for support and guidance. At the beginning of 2019, JP became the champion for media ministry. I’ve learned more from JP over this past year about what it means to lead a team, than from my many years in media ministry put together.

I’m incredibly grateful for JP’s leadership. One of the most impactful lessons JP has taught me so far is the importance of building up people, not ministries. I’m excited to continue to learn from him as he leads YWAM Tokyo.

Laura Uechi (Media Team Director)

JP has always blessed me by his eagerness to serve. I still smile when I remember “teaching” JP (a chartered accountant) how to do our base finances; his humility was impressive. In practical matters as well as in spiritual matters, JP carries himself with a confidence that causes people to trust him quickly.

I think JP’s aforementioned confidence, deep love for the Word, and pastoral heart all combine to make him a powerful leader for our base. Of course, it goes without saying that having his wife Katie alongside him adds so much more to what he brings. I am looking forward to a time of strong growth coupled with a deepening of what has already been established.

John Somers-Harris (Elder)

Dear JP, we love you. You are so valuable to this community and we couldn’t be happier for you and your family. May you be blessed as you explore this new season of your life. We are behind you and we will support you through it all. You are officially the base director of YWAM Tokyo!

During this transition, please join us in praying for JP, his wife Katie, their young daughter Lucy, and their newborn son Jack.

YWAM Tokyo

For Jesus & Japan,

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