08 Aug Art


One of the things that I love most about Japanese culture is art. Japan is well known for it’s beauty in nature, but also in the songs, poems and artwork created by Japanese people. I believe the creativity behind all the Haikus, Anime, and the famous woodblock prints point us to a highly creative God who loves Japan.


Several of the YWAM Tokyo staff and I, meet up at Mister Donut to draw together. In this creative environment we collaborate, get influenced by our different styles and encourage each other too. It’s so great to be part of a community with people who have a passion for the Gospel and art! It’s early days yet but we are excited about the future. Many of us write stories, poems, and scripts which we dream could become videos, animations and graphic novels. It’s a great prospect to consider where all this will end up!

-Tom Wilcox

(Art credit: Tom Wilcox)

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